Crank Girdles

SONIC Injection Crank Girdles are designed to help our customers strengthen the bottom end of their performance and race engines. They transmit harmful crank harmonics across the entire cap set, rather than concentrating energy on the caps nearest to the firing cylinder.

The installation of a Main Stud Girdle is a must when building a High RPM, Supercharged, Turbo or Nitrous Engine, Crank Girdles are designed to fit inside Standard sumps, clear oil pumps and provide clearance for dip sticks where possible. They are supplied with CNC Machined spacers where required eliminating the need to machine the cap flat. # minor grinding may be required to fit inside some sumps (usually rounding of the square edges).
Checkout our Installation Guidlines
SONIC Injection recommends fitment of a Quality Stud Kit with all Main Girdle installations, contact us for pricing on Quality ARP® Kits to suit your engine.

CRANK SCRAPERS – Due to some fitting irregularities with our girdles and some sump fitted crank scrapers we are now designing girdle mounted fitted crank scrapers for all our girdles. They will be more efficient than flat sump mounted scrapers and will mount on the upsweep side to wipe the oil from the crank as it comes up from the sump area. STAY TUNED…..!

NOTE: Do you have an engine not listed or want a main girdle manufactured for a one of application? If so contact SONIC Injection and we will be happy to design and manufacture one for you.
Checkout our Installation guide Here.

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