Holden 12 Port Manifold Blue Black Motor

Holden 12 Port Manifold Blue Black Motor. Suits 4150 series Holley Carburetors.

Designed and manufactured by SONIC Injection. Our “Designed by Enthusiasts” philosophy ensured we used every tool in our arsenal to produce the best 12 Port 4 Barrel manifold for you, our Customer. We spoke with engine builders, head porters and fellow enthusiasts and put their wish list into the design criteria of this manifold.

The Holden 12 port head is nothing like a 9 port so we didn’t just make a tall 9 port…..!

Taking the time to understand the uniqueness of the 12 port head before we started the design process ensured our intake manifold compliments the heads air flow requirements. The divided port design eliminates turbulence at the head as well as the carburetor pad. A carburetor spacer isn’t required to improve booster signal like other brands. 2 years of development created many variants that were never released to the public. We didn’t want our customer buying a manifold that was superseded in 6 months. We wanted you to have the best we could produce years after your purchase. No constant adding of Band Aids here at SONIC Injection.


  • True 12 Port Design
  • 1.77InSq Cross Sectional Area
  • 125mm Long Runners
  • Flow loss of under 5% as tested on a 170cfm head
  • Less than 5% Variation between cylinders as tested on same head.
  • Stable Air at Head Face
  • No Turbulence at Carb Pad that causes erratic signal to the boosters.

So, go check out our J4MC12PD manifold. We are proud to have finally brought you the High Performance 12 Port Manifold you deserve.

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Holden 12 Port Manifold Blue Black Motor