With humble beginnings in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria. In 2006, Sonic Injection was founded by Brett Bresnan.

As a fellow Enthusiast, Gearhead, Car Nut, Brett’s passion for the Holden 6 and his projects along the way, fuelled a range of parts that continues to grow week by week.

Sonic Injection started out of need. Brett had converted a McGee Mechanical Injection unit to EFI and found the flow numbers less than optimal on his test head. This didn’t seem right, as the McGee setup was a formidable bit of kit in the Speedway scene. After some research the answer became clear, Methanol! Just because it worked well with Methanol didn’t mean it was going to be ideal with Petrol.

Brett decided that the only way to make an EFI intake with individual throttle bodies that would work well with Petrol, would be to make his own. This led Brett to selling some parts to raise revenue to purchase a Fuel Injector cleaning and test bench, using income from cleaning injectors to fund the development of the SIM001.

This continued on to Crank Trigger kits, Girdles, Brackets etc. with the LTHS (lower thermostat housing spacer) being Brett’s favourite as it made working on the Holden Six so much easier!

The first part that Sonic Injection ever ‘produced’ was an adaptor plate to mount an XF Falcon Throttle body to the VL Commodore RB30 Manifold and a TPS adaptor to suit.

In 2019 Brett decided that it was time to move on and let someone else take the wheel.

In November 2019, I saw the Business up for sale. Having similar interests and being from a Mechanical Engineering background, I thought that this was something that I would like to pursue. Tackling my first EFI Conversion in 2005 and also having built a flow bench and being fascinated by how air moves through a port, I made the call, purchased Sonic Injection from Brett and moved its operations to Loveday in South Australia.

We now have over 100 part numbers and continue to grow, because ‘your needs are our motivation!’

Luke Hoffman

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